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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Iko Iko I-nay Jock-a-mo feen-o and-dan-day

    Krista and I were driving Sunday, listening to the radio, when an old, catchy song named "Iko Iko" came on the radio. It was the original version of the song that I remember from my sisters. Then, the radio station skipped into two more versions of the song performed by two different bands, one of which was the Grateful Dead.

    Of course, when I got home, I immediately looked up the song and bought the album, by the Dixie Cups, on iTunes. It happens to also have the "Going to the Chapel" song that I recall my sister Jessie listening to about 50x per day for a couple years (she was always a huge oldies fan, oddly enough, while Heather loved alternative and chick music like Indigo Girls, Cranberries, etc.)

    It's a pretty cool story, as told on the Wikipedia entry about the song. For those of you too lazy to click, apparently the band just started singing the song and playing on coke bottles during a break, and meanwhile, they were being recorded by one of the studio engineers/producers. It was a song that the ladies in the group knew from their grandparents, and is a song with deep history in New Orleans (the song was originally written in the 50s by a man named James Crawford, entitled "jack-o-mo".

    There's something about history, and something in particular to me about southern history, that feels like it has a lot of texture and depth. Krista and I noted this when we were in South Carolina over break and had the chance to spend a few hours in Savannah. For some reason, Wisconsin just doesn't seem to have the same feeling of deep history (probably because it wasn't even a state until 1848.

    I then happened on this video, which intrigued me as a potential reggae remix of the song. But instead, it was the same "The Belle Stars" version from Rain Man, but with a couple girls dancing to it. I looked at the comments, which said "That skinny girl is way way better. So good that you dont even notice other one", so as they danced, I kept watching to see what they meant. And sure enough, the skinny girl has some SICK dance moves. I watched the whole thing.

    And then, I closed it off with this incredibly awesome video where it shows an old school american grandstand dance event with "Iko Iko" by the Dixie Cups being played. In particular, I love the guy at about 1:02 who appears to be doing some sort of samurai dance:

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    Catherine said...

    yikes, i have to comment again. i absolutely adore this song and will still make up dances to it. it totally reminds me of the 80s and my sister and all that...nice work